Toon Boom Studio Cut-Out Animation Examples

Walk Cycle Animation of Cut-Out Character with Toon Boom Studio

The most common animation should be the walk cycle. The smoothless of the walk animation depends on the number of poses and frames composing the walk cycle. In theory the most basic walk cycle can be as simple as 2 frames, and a smooth walk cycle may be composed of 16 or more frames.

Toon Boom Tutorial Movie

Toon Boom Tutorial Tips:

Walk animation seems complicated to many people. However if you break the walk cycle into some simple poses, especially focus on the key poses, the animation becomes much easier.

The key poses (most important poses) are the beginning pose of 1st step, end of 1st step (also beginning pose of 2nd step) and the end of 2nd step. Please see the following diagrams. If you do not require much of the walk animation, this animation can be finished here.

If you require a smoother walk animation, you can add more poses between the three most important poses mentioned above. With the same rule apply, the next important key poses are the poses between the most important poses as shown in this tutorial.

With this key-poses-breakdown method, a basic walk animation can be done much easier.

walk cycle animation with Toon Boom Studio

walk cycle animation with Toon Boom Studio

walk cycle animation with Toon Boom Studio

Toon Boom Tutorial Finished Movie:

Toon Boom cut-out character tutorial finished flash animation display here. Update your flash player if you cannot see the flash animation.

This Toon Boom Cut-out cartoon character animation tutorial shows how to create the cartoon head.