Toon Boom Create Cut-Out Cartoon Character

Create Body of Cut-Out Character with Toon Boom Studio

The body part of cut-out cartoon character should be an easier part to create. Remember that the body is parent of left hand and right hand.

Since the neck, left arm and right arm will be assemble with the body, it also need to think how the arms will be attached to the body. In most cases, a thin arm is relatively easy to assemble and rotate in the body part.

Toon Boom Tutorial Movie

Toon Boom Tutorial Tips:

When the body moves, the neck (thus the head) will be followed. Therefore the body is a parent element of the neck element.

Cut-out cartoon character body with Toon Boom Studio

Toon Boom Tutorial Finished Movie:

Toon Boom cut-out character tutorial finished flash animation display here. Update your flash player if you cannot see the flash animation.

This Toon Boom Cut-out cartoon character animation tutorial shows how to create the cartoon head.