Toon Boom Create Cut-Out Cartoon Character

Create Head of Cut-Out Character with Toon Boom Studio

This Toon Boom Studio tutorial series shows how to create a cut-out cartoon character from scratch. Let's start with the head and the neck.

Remember that you need to assemble a cut-out character into an easy way for animation later. The complexity of the assembly depends entirely on how to plan to animate the cut-out character

Toon Boom Tutorial Movie

Toon Boom Tutorial Tips:

Cut-out characters are assembled in a hierarchy order with pegs. The assembly of the cut-out elements are a parent and child relationship. In short the child elements can be animated alone. While the animation of the parent elements will adhered to the child elements. For example the arm and forearm is a parent and child relationship. The forearm (child) can be moved individually without affect the arm (parent). However, the movement of arm (parent) will be carried to forearm (child). The forearm must be moved to-gether with the arm.

Create Cut-out cartoon character with Toon Boom Studio

Toon Boom Tutorial Finished Movie:

Toon Boom cut-out character tutorial finished flash animation display here. Update your flash player if you cannot see the flash animation.

This Toon Boom Cut-out cartoon character animation tutorial shows how to create the cartoon head.