Toon Boom Create Cut-Out Cartoon Character

Create Left Leg of Cut-Out Character with Toon Boom Studio

The animation and movement of leg was discussed in previous Toon Boom tutorial. This tutorial shows how to assembly and animate the cut-out left leg.

Toon Boom Tutorial Movie

Toon Boom Tutorial Tips:

Create a Hip element to hold the leg. The Hip will be a parent element of the leg leg and right leg.

For a much easier assembly and animation of the calf, wear a short trouser for the thigh. This way, the pivot point of the calf only need to located roughly inside the short trouser.

Cut-out cartoon character body with Toon Boom Studio

Cut-out cartoon character body with Toon Boom Studio

Toon Boom Tutorial Finished Movie:

Toon Boom cut-out character tutorial finished flash animation display here. Update your flash player if you cannot see the flash animation.

This cut-out cartoon character animation with Toon Boom Studio shows how to create and animate the left leg.